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Providing Engineering Consultation, technical representation and sales support for electronic equipment manufacturers since 1975.

About Peninsula Technical Sales

Founded in 1975, Peninsula Technical Sales represents electronic equipment manufacturers and features industry leading products.

We are responsible for sales, engineering consultation and support. We act as a conduit between our customers’ needs and our manufacturers’ ability to provide quality products to meet customers’ exacting specifications.

Focus areas of Peninsula Technical Sales

  • Possesses intimate product knowledge
  • Demonstrates in-depth territory knowledge
  • Represents synergistic products
  • Supports its customers in their engineering and design needs
  • Provides application engineer sales calls
  • Advocates for its customers
  • Integrity and honest personal relationships
  • Professional and ethical standards
  • Prompt follow up
  • Committed partner
  • Service oriented
Specialized Skills
  • Innovates
  • Creates
  • Excels in engineering knowledge
  • Applies expert sales techniques

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