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Providing Engineering Consultation, technical representation and sales support for electronic equipment manufacturers since 1975.

Linear MicroSystems

Irvine , CA.

Linear Microsystems Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company providing analog, digital, and mixed-signal RF ASICs to partners of small and medium sized start-up firms needing development and/or production services.

LMI designs and manufactures ASICs for use in a wide variety of applications including broadband RF, ultra low power, and high voltage.

  • RF
    – WiFi
    – Data communications
    – Data acquisition
  • Medical
    – Pain relief
    – Glucose monitoring
    – Hearing aids
    – Ultrasound
  • Commercial/Consumer/Industrial
    – Touchscreen (electronic commerce)
    – Sensors/signal processing
    – Display driver/processor
    – Audio
    – Theft deterrence
    – Laser pico projection
  • Military
    – MIL-STD-1553, ARINC-429 & NTDS transceivers
    – Electronic countermeasures and surveillance
    – MEMs for avionics

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