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A traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifier is a specialized vacuum tube that amplifies radio frequency (RF) signals in the microwave range and can provide significant power levels, at high frequencies, compared to their solid-state amplifier counterparts. They are used in both military and commercial applications as well as to test a range of high-power microwave products.


As they are often combined with “magic-T” waveguide hybrids or waveguide combiners to multiply the power levels and suppress the resulting even order harmonics, a driver amplifier is often required. It is important for the driver amplifier to have sufficient gain and power output to drive the rated input power level of the TWT amplifier, and adjust the phase shift and level controls. This ensures that TWTs are balanced for maximum harmonic rejection and output power.


The role of the driver amplifier is to supply the TWT amplifier with a higher input power to produce even higher RF output levels.



Akon: Low Noise and Power Amplifiers 500 MHz to 40 GHz

These amplifiers are part of the Akon RF amplifier family compatible with a wide range of available amplifiers, including the TWT driver amplifiers. They cover the frequency range of 500MHz to 40 GHz with power output levels to several watts, low noise figures and high P1dB intercept points.


Supporting the standard frequency bands, they are often used in commercial, industrial, and wireless infrastructures.



Get Low noise, Power Amplifiers and Driver Pre-Amplifiers for TWT Amplifiers from Akon

Akon Inc is a leading supplier of microwave products used in the airborne, ground, space, shipboard, and a growing market in communication. The company’s capability spans from conceptualization of design to production at high-volume runs. Combined with their expertise knowledge, Akon assures high-quality and high-performance pre-amplifier drivers for TWT amps.


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