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Most, if not all, companies nowadays know that they should use an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device along with their computers, servers, telecommunications equipment, and other electronics. This way, in case an unexpected power outage happens, their equipment won’t shut down right away. This can help prevent data loss (which can greatly harm businesses of all sizes) and even keep accidents and serious injuries at bay. Below we will get into why a transformerless UPS may be a better option for you.


Simply buying a UPS device isn’t an easy process either. There are several types of UPS available on the market, and business owners and managers must choose the right product for their needs.


The traditional option is the transformer-based UPS which, as its name implies, relies on a built-in transformer to increase or decrease the output voltage. The more modern choice is the transformerless UPS, which is made possible through modern technological innovations, especially with the development of the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) device. In a transformerless UPS, the transformer is taken out of the design and is replaced with another component (such as a DC converter) that fulfills the requirement of the critical load.


The question now is this: should you replace your transformer-based UPS with a transformerless one? This is not easy to answer since different companies and applications have different UPS needs, but you’ll want to take a look at transformerless UPS devices since they offer the following benefits:


They’re physically smaller

Because it no longer has to house a transformer, the transformerless UPS has a smaller form factor than its traditional counterpart. This makes it an ideal choice if you have limited space in your office or data center and are looking for equipment that doesn’t take up a ton of room. If weight is an important criteria in your equipment setup, you’ll be happy to know that transformerless UPS devices are lighter than transformer-based ones.


They are modular

Traditional transformer-based UPS devices are freestanding units that are usually placed on the floor. Transformerless UPS products can revolutionize this practice by making rack-mounted modules a possibility. You’ll no longer have to keep large and clumsy units underfoot; instead, you can simply get a cabinet and place a single plug-in UPS module on the shelf. As your business expands and your need for UPS capacity grows, you can just get another UPS module and plug it into the existing system. It’s an easy way to upgrade your IT resources without interrupting your equipment’s power supply, dealing with more messy cables, and needing more floor space.


They’re more energy efficient

According to expert calculations, transformerless UPS devices have higher energy efficiencies than the traditional options, 99% versus 94% — but only if they are loaded at more than 40 percent of their capacity. If you’re planning to use 50 to 60 percent of your UPS’s capacity (or even higher), you’re better off choosing transformerless devices since they’ll help you consume less power and reduce your utility bills over time.



These are some of the benefits offered by transformerless UPS devices. If you’ve decided to opt for a transformerless UPS but don’t know which model to choose, contact us at Peninsula Technical Sales by E-mail or by calling us at 650-965-3636. We welcome you to visit our web site at We represent Staco Energy Products, a leading manufacturer of UPS equipment and can help you choose the right type of UPS for your application.



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