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5G is the next-generation in wireless broadband technology. It will perform better than the current standard, 4G. Signal technology has also been improved for 5G enabling it to provide even greater coverage. These changes will enhance pervasive computing and the Internet of Things. Although 5G is scheduled for launch in 2020, a number of manufacturers are starting to incorporate elements of the standard into their products, like high frequency oscillators.

5G is expected to operate at higher frequencies and as such, need the high frequency oscillators to generate radio frequency signals in the millimeter wave range.


An oscillator is an electronic or mechanical device that produces continuous, repeated and alternating waveform without the need for input. It’s the job of an oscillator to convert unidirectional current flow from a DC source into AC. A number of devices use oscillators including clocks watches, metal detectors (all mechanical examples), radios and computers (both electrical examples).

The frequency of the output signal is how an oscillator is characterized. For example, a low-frequency oscillator may generate a signal less than 100 Hz. An audio oscillator is an example of a low frequency oscillator producing frequencies in 16 Hz to 20 kHz range. An RF oscillator produces signals in the 100 kHz to 100 GHz range. Synergy Microwave is a leading provider of Oscillators in this range of frequencies

Electronic Oscillators

Electronic oscillators are used in audio-frequency equipment, computers and wireless receivers and transmitters. Although there are many kinds of electronic and high frequency oscillators, all of them adhere to a basic principle: using a sensitive amplifier so that the output is fed back to the input in phase resulting in the signal regenerating and sustaining itself.

The mobile phone networks of today use different frequency bands below 3 GHz which can provide the best coverage over large areas. However, bandwidth is limited to 20 MHz per mobile operator. An assessment by the World Radio Congress found that frequencies above 24 MHz can provide the greatest bandwidth and it will be an area where 5G can deliver the highest data rates.

5G may be years away from being launched but a lot of manufacturers are already making components available that are capable of supporting the technology.

Synergy Microwave

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