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Acoustic waves are low-frequency waves that perform well in higher-frequency systems. They are the foundation for surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators, filters, oscillators and delay lines. Acoustic waves in a SAW component travel along the surface of an elastic, piezoelectric material rather than within it. A surface acoustic wave is a type of acoustic or sound wave. It travels along a material that exhibits elasticity. The amplitude of the sound wave decays into the material resulting in it being restricted to around one wavelength of the surface.

Saw Components

SAW components use transducers to transform electrical energy to acoustic waves and then back again. This process allows signal processing in the realm of acoustics. Since RF or microwave frequencies can be converted into acoustic signals, it is possible to create small filters and resonators for SAW devices capable of processing electromagnetic signals operating at higher frequency.

SAW components depend on a special class of  materials for the transfer and storage of acoustic energy. These materials are called piezo electric materials.  The type of material is also important. For instance,

Quartz can support small bandwidths for SAW filters while lithium tantalite or lithium niobate are best for medium-bandwidth filters.

Surface Acoustic Wave Filter

A SAW filter is mostly used in radio applications for their ability to provide an excellent signal filtering performance as well as for being a cost-effective solution. SAW filters have also made their way to cellphone applications for filtering since they can be made small and provide a cost advantage over other solutions.

Considerable research and development have been done on SAW filters over the years. As such, they are much improved compared to their predecessors.

There is a trend towards producing smaller SAW components and for good reason. Many want to minimize the size and weight of circuits to as little as possible. A number of electronic products are also made much smaller and lighter these days so it makes sense to have equally smaller components for signal processing.

SAW filters are used in a number of electronic equipment like remote utility reading equipment which include electric and natural gas usage smart meters.

WorldBond Saw Filters

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