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Uninterruptible Power Supply systems are more and more often being deployed in rugged and demanding environments that greatly expand the standard UPS operational limits. Powering applications in oil and gas exploration, mining, remote communications facilities, toll roads, water treatment plants, etc., require a higher level of power protection.  UPS models not specifically designed to be used in extreme temperature (-40⁰F to 149⁰F) environments and installed in locations where the upper temperature range is the norm have a markedly decreased battery life of 9 months or less.  When they are installed in an environment of increased condensation, salt air or dust pollution, the circuit board assemblies used in the standard UPS are not protected against the deleterious effects of condensation, conductive dust or the corrosive effects of salt air.


Harsh Environment UPS

Only a few uninterruptible power supply manufacturers offer rugged UPS models and turn-key UPS NEMA-rated enclosure systems designed for these environments.  A UPS designed for industrial use is far more robust, having typical operational temperatures of -22⁰F to 131⁰F and some can even endure up to 149⁰F. This harsh environment new class of UPSs has to support being installed in locations were dew point and condensation are an issue. Some manufacturers offer optional conformal coating of the UPS’s internal circuit boards and components providing a protective barrier from the effects of condensation and conductive dust


Heat damages computer-grade UPS batteries. These UPS utilize alternate high- temperature batteries. Some have a four year rated service life at 122⁰F. Other types are available having an operational temperature rating of up to 176⁰F. These batteries will go where others can’t.


Installing an uninterruptible power supply in a harsh environment requires an accurate assessment of all of the environmental conditions and selecting only a UPS that has been specifically designed for that environment.


Staco Energy Products

Staco Energy Products Company offers a rugged environment product line of UPS: The First Line XD 20-40 kVA.  The XD UPS is able to endure up to 50°C operational temperature for units without internal batteries; they are coated with conformal and anti-fungal coating, and possess double electronic and galvanic protection of the load from the battery. The warranty covers an unprecedented 5 years.


Please call Peninsula Technical Sales at 650-965-3636 for further information and we will be able to assist you in finding the right UPS for your needs. Visit us at to view all of the power conditioning equipment Staco Energy offers.


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