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When the main power source or input power fails, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can provide the much-needed emergency power. A UPS is different from a standby generator or emergency power system as it provides instantaneous protection whenever a power interruption occurs. It is able to do that because of energy that is stored in batteries, supercapacitors or flywheels. Then again, it differs from other power sources in that it can only supply a limited amount of power.

A Single phase uninterruptible power supply is used in many homes and businesses, particularly small businesses. It is used to protect equipment and other electrical equipment in case of an unexpected power interruption that could result in data loss, business disruption, injuries or worse, fatalities.

UPS units differ in size from small ones intended to protect one computer to huge ones meant to continue providing power for buildings or data centers.

The Smart Business UPS

At Staco Energy, we offer a wide array of products ranging from small single phase units (350 VA) to much larger units (21KVA)

Staco Energy has  just released the  new Smart  Business UPS series consisting of three grades of uninterruptible power supply all of them very economically priced and targeted for personal or small business use.  The UniStar SB2 is the smallest unit and is perfect for personal use and backing up desktop computers, entertainment systems, workstations and networking devices.  The UniStar SB is the next in the series and while continuing to be  very economical is more powerful and is  well suited for preventing data loss and protecting electronic equipment such as PCs, networking devices, VoIP, POS systems and entertainment systems.  The UniStar SB-NET is the most powerful of the series and can be used for networking, telecom, server and mission critical applications.  Give us a call at Peninsula Technical Sales 650-965-3636 or e mail us at . We are here to answer all your questions.

Categories of the smart business UPS

UPS systems can be categorized into three: on-line, line-interactive and standby. The batteries in an on-line system or double-conversion UPS are always connected to the inverter and the batteries assume duties once power loss occurs. The advantage of this kind of system is that it acts as an “electrical firewall” for the incoming power and the electronic equipment. Staco Energy UPS are all double conversion with the exception of the Smart Business Series.

A standby system or offline uninterruptible power supply provides surge protection as well as battery backup. This is commonly used for small equipment like a personal computer. Our UniStar SB2 is our standby UPS.

The operation of a line-interactive UPS is similar to that of a standby UPS. What makes it different is the presence of a multi-tap variable-voltage autotransformer, which is also called an auto step down transformer. This kind of UPS can handle continuous under voltage power interruptions as well as overvoltage surges without draining the limited reserve battery power. It is able to do that because it automatically chooses from the different power taps on the transformer keeping the voltage constant. . Both the UniStar SB and the UniStar SB Net are line interactive.




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